Clarendon Homes



Clarendon Homes was seeking a modern website that was quickly and easily managed by internal staff. Their old system was slow and certain sections require web developers to update the content.



A custom CMS solution website with a fresh clean and modern looking website that displayed their display homes as the hero and centrepieces of the new website.


My Role:

• Sitemap
• Wireframing
• UI design
• QA

The Team:

• Ad Agency
• Art Director
• Front-end Developers
• Back-end Developers


The Knock-Down and Rebuild


This project began with a few meeting with the client and the ad agency to nut out some requirements, tech specs and a review of their existing system and website.

The lead developer and I took the notes and developed a new sitemap and IA based on the requirements. After initial sign-off on the sitemap the Art director, lead developer and I agreed upon a few key pages and I mapped out the wireframes of the website.

New Facades


Sources of inspiration were real estate websites as similar information would be displayed; homes with photos and key features such as number of bedrooms, bathrooms and car spaces. Familiarity was another key focus for the users.

Many design revisions were made to the search results and actual home details screens. This was the key function of the website and needed the most fine tuning as the star features were the homes and their modern facades and interior photos. The Clarendon branding was present but muted across certain sections of website.

Measure Twice, Cut Once


Along side the Art director and Lead developer, I was tasked with leading the QA for the website prior to launch. Many notes and discussions were shared with the development team.

The new CMS required documentation and training which I was tasked with producing and also training the client.

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