Kennards Self Storage



Kennards Self Storage was seeking to integrate their national storage booking system with their website and provide real time availability to their customers and new leads.



An integrated system with a custom CMS that integrated with the website. A new modern layout which took the customer first approach to find the best self-storage solution.

My Role:

• Sitemap
• Wireframing
• UI design
• QA
• Project Management

The Team:

• Stakeholders
• Art Director
• Front-end Developers
• Back-end Developers



The New User


Together with the stakeholders and art director, I worked through the requirements of the business and pain-points that a new user would experience searching for a self-storage solution. The client provided some customer experience and feedback to guide the new wireframes and search features.

Other than the main search feature, the sitemap and the wireframes for the rest of the site were designed around this focus of the new user exploring the world of self-storage. Consistency for the new user was a key theme across the website UI.


Changes: v2, v3, final, final_v2…


Client feedback and testing revealed the need to clarify certain details on the search results pages. This process was ongoing throughout the project and continued to have tweaks and updates as the website went live to ensure that new user was being shown clear information that was relevant to them.




Systems Connected


Working with various developers and stakeholders, the new website had connected to an existing national booking system via API and a custom CMS to manage the website content and the eCommence shopping cart for the ‘Box Shop’.

Custom auto-generated email and receipts were part of the designs. This had the same ‘new user’ focus that the website design had, to ensure a consistent family feel across all communication.