SCA Corporate Website



To position SCA as one of Australia’s biggest, most innovative and progressive entertainment and media companies in Australia, rather than project SCA as a traditional media company that is defined by its channels.



Develop a desktop-first website with mobile responsiveness for SCA that is truly reflective of its innovative and industry leading approach to its business and the broader category. Segments as identified; Direct advertiser, investor and potential employee as primary targets.


My Role:

• Sitemap
• Personas
• Wireframing
• UI design
• QA

The Team:

• Stakeholders
• Project Manager
• UX Designer
• Front-end Developers
• Back-end Developers


The Beginning


A few stakeholders were interviewed along with staff from various parts of the business. I worked with stakeholders to understand the requirements of the Southern Cross Austereo corporate website update. A strong focus was given on the modernisation of the overall look and feel, as well as mobile friendliness.

I was the lead designer working with the UX designer on this project. I was tasked with directing the overall redesign process; setting the overall online style guide, defining and detailing page templates, implementing the new SCA branding, all whilst using the similar sitemap with minimal changes where possible.


Persona Development




The personas developed help the team understand what our users were looking for whilst using the SCA corporate website.


Version One


The website was fully designed and interactive mocks were presented via InVision to stakeholders. There was a shift in the business direction and focus and what had been designed was no longer matching up with the goals of the business. The project was shelved for almost 12 months before coming back on the agenda for the stakeholders.

V2: The Resurrection


The project was revisited almost 12 months later, there were a few new stakeholders, the UX designer had moved on and a new project manager was brought on board. The need for an updated website had become a priority and the design was revised for simpler look and easy use, while aligning with a new sitemap which reflected the new direction of the company.

The new website was launched late in 2017 and upgrades for new features were added throughout 2018 including migrating the website from WordPress CMS to Umbraco CMS and a new search feature for Regional Radio coverage.


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